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Our balls:

Surface hardened steel ball with threaded hole Δ up

This ball is made in C10 carburized and hardened steel. Grinded and with a degree of precision G500 (ISO 3290), the tolerance on diameter is ±10µm.
The presence of the thread allows the ball to be locked on pins or shafts.
Wear resistance, high surface hardness, good mechanical strength of the core are the main characteristics.
We produce balls with diameter ranging from 15mm to 50mm with threaded blind holes ranging from M4 to M20.
UNF, Whitworth and UNC treads are also possible.
The most requested ball has a diameter of 20mm and M8 threaded blind hole.
NOTE: We can't machine balls smaller than 15mm (ball diameter).
Minimum order available 8 balls.
For different diameters or measure contact us.

Iron ball Δ up

We can provide balls bored, threaded or whatever with lower accuracy but cheaper.
We normally use steel balls made in C10 steel (AISI 1010) not carburized nor grinded with a tolerance of G1000 (ISO 3290) on diameter ( ±25µm ).
hole diameters available: 3mm or greater.
threads: M4 to M20. Whitworth, UNF, UNC
Available ball diameters:
9/16” – 14,29mm
5/8” – 15,87mm
7/8” – 22,22mm
1” – 25,4mm
1.1/8” – 28,57mm
1.3/8” – 34,92mm
1.9/16” – 39,69mm
1.3/4” – 44,45mm
2” – 50,8mm
Note: the diameters in millimeters are difficult to find
The most requested ball has a diameter of 20mm and M8 threaded blind hole up to center.
Minimum order available: 10 balls.
For different diameters or measures contact us.

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